Woman is completely harmless & doesn’t believe in Violence…
Until Her Nail Polish Gets Dry....
Dard me Dard ki Talash kab tak,
Jo nahi aaya Uska Intzaar kab tak,
Khud ke yakin par ab to ShaQ ho chala hai,
Ki ek Jhuthi aas par yeh Khwab kab tak.

I like 3 friends, Sun – Moon – & You.

Sun : For the day time.

Moon : For the night time.

You : For the lifetime
Walking alone is not very difficult …
but it is hard when you are coming back alone
after a long time of walking with someone....
If you can not find happiness
in your life then
make others happy....
it will give u eternal peace.
I Miss You
When You Are Not Near Me
I Long To Hear Your Steps
That’s By Far,
The Sweetest Music
My Ears Await Everyday.
Simple music can make u sing,
A simple hug can make u feel better,
Simple things can make u happy.
Hope my simple Hi...will make u smile
Good Morning !!!!
Having Right Vision
In Any Endeavour
Always Leads To
A Glorious Conclusion....
Things we do not expect,
happen more frequently than
the things we wish to happen
Aaj Khushiyon Ki Koi Badhai Dega,
Nikla Hai Chand To Dikhai Dega,
Ae Dilruba, Aisee Mohabbat Ki Hai Humne Aapse,
Aapka Ek Aansu Bhi Ghira To Sunai Dega....
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