Care doesn’t need powerful Eyes or a
Cute voice or a Lovely face....
It always needs a beautiful,
Responsible heart with affection forever....

I care for you

Good Night
Be strong in your decision
Either it will give you success or failure
But it will teach you a lesson
whether to do or not in future

Good Night
Past of ICE is water and
Future of ICE is also water....
So live like ice,
no regrets for past, no worries about future

Just enjoy every moment....
Have I Told U
My Sweetheart....
That I Am All Wrapped
In U....
My Feelings For U
Bring To Me A Joy....
I Never Knew....

Parents always teach their kids not to talk to strangers
But the truth is that,
all our good friends were ones strangers for us

Good Friends Care for each Other
Close Friends Understand each Other
& TRUE Friends Stay forever
beyond words....beyond time
Ishq aur dosti meri zindagi ka gumaan hai
Ishq meri ruh or dosti meri jaan hai
Ishq par kardu fida apni zindagi,
Magar dosti pe mera ishq bhi Qurbaan hai....

Frndship card
1.sweet name for me=
2.colour for me= nature= for me=
5.advice for me= for me=
7.word about me=
8.I am ur=

Reply Must
An icing can make a cake so sweet,
A string can make a balloon so high,
A match can make a candle so bright,
I hope that my simple hi can make you smile....
Sun is happy
Moon is angry
Bcause, Moon is missing u
Sun is wishing u
A special
Good Morning