PIZZA always confuses us:
It comes in Square box,
When u open it's Round,
When u start eating it's Triangle
Life is also like Pizza
Looks something,
Appears something
Tastes something
When you become really close to someone,
you can hear their voice in your head
when you read their texts...

Good Evening
Talk More With Someone
Who Makes U Happy....
Try To Talk, Atleast A
Few Minutes, With Someone
Who Can’t Be Happy Without U....

Good Night
Rishte Kanch Ki Tarah Hote Hai,
Toote Jaye To Chubhte Hai.
Inhe Sambhalkar Hateli Par Sajana
Kyoki Inhe Tootne Me Ek Pal
Aur Banane Me Barso Lag Jate Hai....
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Silence Between Two
Unknown Person Makes
The Relation Grow..
Silence Between Two
Well Known People Breaks
The Relation..!
A Relationship Is Not Holding
While You Understand Each
It’s About Having Lots Of
and Still Not Leaving Each
Other’s Hands....
A boy messaged his girlfriend....
You are marrying me because
you love me, not my money,
Girlfriend replied "¥ € $"
My day won't certainly be over for
I have something left to do.
I just couldn't sleep yet
without saying I love you.
Good Night
On this cold cold night,
in my small small room,
I Look At The Bright Bright Stars in the dark dark sky and dream of ur sweet sweet Smile. Good night.
रात्र नाही स्वप्न बदलते,
दिवा नाही वात बदलते,
मनात नेहमी जिँकण्याची
आशा असावी...
नशीब बदलो ना बदलो,
पण 'वेळ' नक्कीच बदलते....